Get Rid of Daylight Savings?

Daylight savings ends this weekend, which ushers in a new phase of the year: early darkness.

While you may get a little bit of sunlight on your commute in to work, you will be leaving in the dark if you work typical 9-5 hours. Even though we don't live farther north, where it is always dark at this time of the year, it can kind of feel like it sometimes.

I read an interesting article that suggests we should think about abolishing daylight savings altogether.

Originally, it was started in an attempt to save energy during WW1. However - there has been no evidence to suggest that it actually saves energy. So why do we still do it?

Personally, I would rather keep our clocks forward an hour so that daylight lasts longer into the evening year-round. Daylight can have a positive psychological effect, so why not use it so people can maximize their enjoyment of it?

From a health and safety perspective, this seems to make sense. During the spring, when we lose an hour of sleep, our internal clocks will be out of sync. This could have implications on productivity and a host of others (outlined in the article).

Although this seems like a good idea, it would take a lot of political and organizational will that may not be around.

What do you think?

by Rick Sturch


  1. I am all for keeping our internal clocks in sync and not bothering with them through day light savings time. Possibly this tradition will change in the future.


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